Since this is a new site (my old one had a large problem over at the server farm), it’s a bit sparse at the moment. Lessen learned. Even though it’s on the Cloud…back up.

You can click on the covers to buy the books or you can ask for them at your local bookstore.

idiots cover

Idiots in the Machine

My debut novel. Kind of a cult classic.

velvetcover 2016 450dpi

The Velvet Sledgehammer

Adult. Wonderfully inappropriate. Funny. (coming 2018). Click image for a preview..

stuporcover CC15

The Stupor Heroes
vs. Dr. Earwax

Do I have to explain this one?


Love on Haight

A novella. Part of a larger piece I’m working on from what was supposed to be a TV series.

The Velvet Sledgehammer is coming this spring. If you want to check out more about my first full length adult mainstream novel in a decade and a half, check it out here. Definitely not for the kids.

velvetcover 2016 450dpi